Corporate Social Responsibility - Its Privilege not Compulsion!

Gawade Construction Company leadership and employees have little different take on corporate social responsibility (CSR). We feel CSR is not a thing one should do out of compulsion, nor out of the desire of earning name and fame! We should rather feel privileged that CSR events give us an opportunity to serve our nation, society and under privileged fellow citizens.

A company must have sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates. We see CRS activities that we undertake as an opportunity to express our citizenship towards the nation and society as a whole!

At GCC, CSR events are done with the same enthusiasm, planning and perfection as we do our day today work to serve our customers and stakeholders. We have a team which does brainstorming, planning and execution of tasks assigned to them when it comes to corporate social responsibility.

We do variety of events under CSR category which include blood donation camps, participation in city-wide events like public transportation day, and many more such things.