Dreams Yet To Be Realized – Gawade Group is yet to conquer many business avenues

Gawade Group does its best to leave up to those principles as we scaled new heights of success year after year. At the core of our success are few things, and one important aspect in that is always think innovatively, look around and sense business opportunities. We always executed our business plans and strategies on time and in a professional environment in our group. This helped us to create team of wonderful people around me, giving others opportunity to grow and be happy in their professional and personal life. Our team is always inspired and excited to seek new business avenues. With world changing each day, there are numerous opportunities around us. We are looking at those challenges & opportunities and see if I get any clues for newer business lines for GCC group. Some of the business areas we are interested in are as below:

  • Business ideas in digital world – This could be building a portal for real estate and construction professionals or an idea that makes current businesses think and work disruptively. Companies like Uber are indeed our inspirations on that front
  • Education – Can we translate current education model into something better? Make it available to anyone, from anywhere and at any time. Choose you college, favourite professor and attend virtual classes and that too at an affordable fees. We are ready to explore such avenues in education field.
  • Healthcare – Can we connect doctors and medical specialists, super specialists sitting in big cities with millions needing their help in rural area using some technology platform and tools?

If you believe, you wish to contribute in any manner or partner with us in these new business avenues, write to us as at vilas@gawade.com or viraj@gawade.com and we would be happy to meet and discuss.